We increase Publisher Revenue

Successfully monetizing and maximizing ad revenue begins with high performing dynamic creatives that optimize campaign performance.

Our proven ability to drive exceptional performance and ROI for advertisers is supported by a rapidly growing network of publishers. Propel Media attracts publishers of all sizes because we’re able to deliver industry leading CPMs through highly relevant and engaging content that’s built directly from our relationships with over 1500 premium advertisers. In combination with our proprietary real-time intent-based technology, we deliver incremental revenue for publishers worldwide.

Publisher benefits

Content Relevant Ads

Our proprietary intent-based technology ensures maximum ad relevancy by analyzing consumer intent and connecting it with highly relevant content in real time. Consumers receive your brand messages in the precise moment when they’re most likely to respond.

Incremental Revenue

Our ad products boast some of the highest performing metrics in the industry. By leveraging our additive products, publishers can significantly lift their revenue and enhance their bottom line.

Top Quality Advertisers

With over 10 years of industry experience, we’ve accumulated and retained an impressive portfolio of premium advertisers. Through the Propel Media Ad Marketplace, we connect publishers with demand for video, display and mobile inventory. Our proprietary intent-based technology combined with our highly exclusive audience enables more effective yield-optimized digital advertising.

Trusted Partners

With a successful 10+ year track record under our belt, we’ve figured out how to differentiate ourselves and deliver consistent results while gaining the trust and respect of a growing portfolio of clients.

As a public company, we are fully transparent about our business model and practices. Publishers can be confident that we operate to the highest possible standards of integrity, and are committed to serving their best interests.

Ad units


Highly Viewable Video Placements at Scale


  • The OutStream Unit animates in from the lower right corner of the page and is initiated upon page load. The OutStream is a floating unit and always above the fold.
  • VPAID 2.0 and VAST 3.0 compatible
  • 80% Viewability
  • 75% VTR
  • 400×300 Player
  • Full Transparency – includes white or blacklisting of specific web sites
  • Customized Category Targeting
  • US and International Reach


Drive Qualified Traffic From Relevant Content


  • Delivered from highlighted words and phrases within the text of web content
  • Campaign is Keyword Targeted
  • Ads are user activated and delivered only when our audience member chooses to move their mouse over a relevant word or phrase
  • 5% Average CTR

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