Achieve exceptional performance by introducing your brand in the most relevant moments.

By working with Propel Media, you will have access to technology that gives you the ability to present your brand, content or message when a user is most receptive and open to your brand’s influence. By capturing a user’s attention in the most impactful moments, our technology will help you to achieve your online marketing goals, such as expanding your brand’s reach or increasing your return on ad spend.

Advertiser benefits

Intent-based Technology

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Experience unprecedented technology that understands users’ online engagement and the sentiment of content on a page. Designed to help advertisers bridge the gap from branding to performance, the Propel Media Platform is able to pinpoint the most relevant moments during a user’s online journey to introduce your brand or offer. Our industry-leading technology delivers exceptional traffic quality and return on ad spend through a winning combination of high performing ad units, granular targeting, competitive pricing, sophisticated algorithms, and an engaged audience.

Trusted Partner

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With a successful 12+ year track record under our belt, we’ve figured out how to differentiate ourselves and deliver consistent results while gaining the trust and respect of a growing portfolio of clients.

We are fully transparent about our business model and practices. Our clients can be confident that we operate to the highest possible standards of integrity and are committed to serving their best interests.


Deliver a Remarkable First Impression in a Sleek and Innovative Way

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  • Custom developed creative to incorporate your brand’s messaging and call to action
  • Drive higher engagement by implementing forms, search fields and animations
  • Precision targeting supported by proprietary technology that understands user behavior and intent
  • Create an even more memorable experience with an interactive rich media option

Push Ad

Captivate a Targeted Audience in the Most Impactful Moment


  • Unlike other push placements, the push ad is supported by keyword/URL targeting technology
  • Gives users the ability to minimize the push ad and revisit later, or simply close it out
  • Easily customizable to abide by your brand’s guidelines

New Tab

Get in Front of Your Competition by Delivering a Dynamic Experience


  • Make a timely introduction to your brand by presenting a convenient new tab experience
  • Engage with high intent users showing interest in products or offers similar to your brand
  • Unprecedented targeting technology drives qualified traffic from relevant content

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