Not getting enough traffic?

If your website is not getting enough search engine traffic or conversions, chances are we can help. We are willing to take on new sites and have experience with rebranding large sites in travel and other industries. While changing from a popular domain name to a new domain name is never an easy task, we’ve seen new sites rank for competitive terms as quickly as three months but generally it can take from six to twelve months depending on the content and category.

Search Engine Optimization is vital for search engine marketing success and there’s a big difference between optimizing your meta tags and optimizing your site for traffic, conversions and rankings.

Every day millions of people search for products, services and information on Google, YAHOO, MSN, ASK and a host of smaller search engines. If your site isn’t in the top ten or twenty natural search results, you are missing out on a great deal of traffic and sales. Ranking in the top five or ten on Google is extremely valuable; because people trust Google people also trust the top natural results.

Achieving high rankings on the major search engines requires knowledge of the search engines and knowledge of your industry. The consulting team at Propel Media, Inc has extensive off line and online experience in real estate, travel and weddings however we will work with companies of all sizes and in most industries.

Our small size is your advantage; we are large enough to get the job done, but small enough that you will receive the personal attention you need. You won’t be passed off to junior seo consultants with little experience but will talk directly with seasoned, successful search optimization consultants.

We offer the following seo services to help you meet your search marketing goals:

  • SEO Site Optimization
  • SEO Competitive Analysis
  • Link Building
  • Content Creation
  • SEO PR
  • Reputation Management

So where does your site rank today? If you aren’t in the top ten contact us to find out how we can help customers who are searching for your product easily find it.

We focus on global travel search marketing and also serve clients in Schenectady, Saratoga Springs, Albany and Troy (The capital region).

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SEO News

  • Is SEO Worth The Time And Money?
    One site was mapped out against the search traffic, has targeted descriptive page titles, and uses well structured categories. The other does not. And inside of a year the site that employs SEO will out-perform the other site 100 to 1. With similar backlinks, similar quantity and quality of content, similar domain names, and similar site designs the sites have 2 different outcomes. One is at best a hobby, whereas the other can (and will) grow to become a flourishing business. Give me an average market participant who has a passion for a topic and I can help them dominate the search results. Whereas the person that knows 10x as much but ignores SEO advice will get stuck in the mud, failing to build a critical mass, not getting the exposure their knowledge and content deserve.
  • What Attracts A Click?
    Can you combine creative energy, which is a manual and sort of qualitative exercise, with the raw processing power of computing, which is all about quantitative data and create ads on the fly based on contextual databases that measure the effectiveness of each part of an ad to create an ad on the fly based on target demographics?
  • A Tipping Point For Online Coupons?
    Surfing for coupons is growing in popularity. comScoreýs data show that 27 million people visited coupon sites in October, up 33% from a year earlier (thatýs 18% of the 148 million Americans who use any coupons in a year).
  • Online Travel Reviews Preferred to Friends And Family
    Online travel resources are being strongly preferred over more traditional options such as travel agencies, travel brochures and even friends and family, according to a report. The second annual Travel Trust Index report (released by, which examines the UK's travel booking behaviours and preferences with a focus on their trust level for the many options available to them, shared that 78 percent use the web to search and book travel; 77 percent trust the web for travel-related advice; Only six percent say travel agencies are their most trusted source for travel related information.